The Sims 5 Playtesting is starting

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The Sims 5 Playtesting is starting

EA is already starting with The Sims 5 playtesting, letting the first group of people play with the Workshop!

Alright, so you’ve probably heard the news about The Sims 5 / Project Rene. The game is currently in development by EA / Maxis with a development cycle that still dates the game a long time from being fully released.

However, during Behind The Sims Summit it was stated that the game will be built on player feedback. And now it seems that it’s all happening much sooner than expected.

According to the sources from Insider Gaming, the first Playtest Session for The Sims 5 starts next week. October 25th!

Sims 5 playtests will start October 25th, sources have confirmed. Several people have sent emails and images that show that Sims 5, currently known as Project Rene will start playtesting next week, starting October 25th.


Insider Gaming also provided the official email that EA Playtesters were given. It includes new information including:

  • Objects customization tool is currently called “Workshop”
  • Apartments are a thing in The Sims 5
  • Playtesters can already share and download creations!

Sign up for the Playtest!

The team at Maxis has been hard at work developing new innovations for The Sims. You’re invited to test out a pre-alpha experience for Project Rene. We’re looking to make this the best experience possible, and we can’t wait to get your feedback and hear your what you think.

This playtest will focus primarily on our new object customization tool currently called “Workshop.” This tool is meant to help you customize objects to decorate an apartment. We encourage you to share your creations as well as download what other players have made. And to experience everything this playtest has to offer, remember that you can play with your friends!
Please note that this early experience is only one aspect of what Project Rene will grow to be.

We encourage you to join sessions with your friends and/or join the private playtest Discord (invitation to follow) to find new friends to play with. As a trusted, Community Playtesting member, you are eligible to invite up to 3 friends to sign up for this playtest. More information and instructions are included in the registration form.

You can sign up for EA Playtesting by visiting our “How to become a Playtester“, which includes all the details you need to know about location, compensation, website links and more. Alternatively, you can visit the EA Playtesting website directly.

Credits: Jovan
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