10 Things We Want To See In The Sims 5

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10 Things We Want To See In The Sims 5

The Sims franchise began in 2001 with The Sims. Almost twenty years later there is now three sequel games. As a simulation game, each title in the franchise has had expansion, stuff and game packs to allow more creativity. The Sims 4 dropped in 2014 and currently has twenty-seven packs in total. Production for Sims 4 is expected to last until 2021. With the Sims 5 rumored, there’s a load of things fans want to see in the forthcoming game.

10 Controlling Your Sim’s Manners
The Sims games have always been about controlling the Sims and to give them lives. The one thing we have no control over are their manners without an expansion pack being installed. We propose the ability to control Sims’s manners in the Sims 5. If this is introduced, this feature would be best-suited to be placed in the Create-A-Sim so we can choose their manners before they enter the game. Having them in Create-A-Sim would be like choosing personality traits.

9 Controlling Babies
Nothing says difficult like raising a child in any Sims game. In the Sims 4, the babies need attention every two seconds and all the adults do is look after them. During the Sims 3, we could check their needs but not control them similar to older Sims. With the Sims 5, life would be simpler if babies could be controlled. The adults could teach them to sit up, throw up, and other things regular people do.

8 More Swatches For Build Mode And Household Objects
Swatches became a big thing in the Sims 3. People complained because there were too many choices. In the Sims 4, fans complained about the few choices. In the Sims 5, every item should have at least ten different patterns and/or colors for each item in the game. To make it easier on the developers, they should consult the fans on what they want. A vote should be put on social media like with Laundry Day Stuff and fans can vote what patterns and colors they want. It would be better if they did groups of items or clothing with the same choice of colors.

7 Larger Worlds
The shocker with the Sims 4 were the small worlds and new housing options. There’s a few houses in each world while the rest are empty lots. The houses and community need to be created from scratch.

In previous games, the pre-created worlds where they had empty lots and houses of all price ranges. In the Sims 5, we want those larger worlds back so we don’t feel cramped. It would cool if we got more community lots along with the larger worlds as there isn’t many unless you use all the expansion packs.

6 More Ways To Create Content In-Game
Creativity in any Sims game is endless. Since the first game, fans have found unique ways to create new content. For the Sims 5, it would be cool if we could make content from the comfort of our main game, without having to use photoshop and third-party tools that could cause the game files to corrupt. If the Custom Content creator isn’t in the game, there should be an official program by Maxis and EA.

5 More Time To Raise Children
If you’ve ever played parents to a child in any Sims game, you’ll know difficult it is. In The Sim 3, you could experiment with how long you wanted your sims to live for. The Sims 4 has a similar feature, but it is basic with three options for a sim’s lifespan. In The Sims 5, needs to expand on its child aging situation. The game doesn’t provide much time for us to teach the children every skill they’ll need in their lives going forward. The Sims 5 would be a step forward for Sims child raising.

4 Allowing Sims To Lose Weight Faster
Fans of the Sims 4 noticed that when a Sim exercises, they don’t lose weight. They’ve also said it takes forever for the Sims to lose the weight if any at all.

In the Sims 5, there should be rapid results like Sims 2 and 3. It would be good to see the Sims get abs one a time. Another suggestion would be to include a potion which allows the active sim to lose all the weight they’ve gained, but it also works on the inactive sims too. This would make it easier because who wants to be stocking up on the potion and than giving it to the Sims one-by-one?

3 Open Worlds
The Sims 3 had an open world setting but the more packs that got added, the slower the game became. The open game was left out of the Sims 4, but the game still continues without freezing when you leave the lot. If the open world element is included in the Sims 5, they should make it like the Sims 3, but find a way where the game doesn’t slow down. They should also include cars and show them taking the characters to their chosen location and have the camera follow the car.

2 More Realistic Actions
Nothing says Sims more than the way they function. It would be nice if the Sims 5 incorporates more realistic actions. One example they could include is the ability for the sims to push items like full-length mirrors out of the way instead of just waving their arms around. If Sims could push items around in the Sims 3: World Adventures expansion pack than they should be allowed to push other stuff around too and not stand there and complain.

1 Real Time Aging
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could age your Sims at the same speed as a normal person? The Sims 5 would be the perfect setting for something like this. It would be great to see Sims age like a regular person and have little things in their appearance that shows the changes. Acne for teenagers and young adults. Grey hairs for Sims emerging into their elder years things as simple as that would be ideal.

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