Sims 5 Toddler Cheats

Sims 5 Toddler Cheats

The Sims 5 is a massively popular game that has been entertaining fans for just about 8 years. Many games have come and gone in that time, but The Sims 5 has remained largely the same, just with added expansion packs containing new content being released periodically.

Something that has given The Sims series a reputation for being extremely fun, accessible, and open is its allowance of cheats within the game for just about anything you can imagine. There are cheats for money, careers, aspirations, and even cheats that turn your Sim into a vampire! Another thing there are cheats for, something that is new to The Sims 5, is toddlers. You can now control and make decisions as toddlers, which is something that is both silly and incredibly intriguing.

The Sims 5 toddler cheats can crack the meta-game of toddlers wide open, and give you a ton of extra options for how to deal with your toddlers. If you’re tired of the tantrums, you can find out how to age up toddler in Sims 5 with a simple cheat. One line of text and presto! Your toddler is now an adult. If your toddlers skills aren’t quite where you want them to be, you can also use Sims 5 toddler skill cheats to bump up their skills or even give them new ones!

Even without the Sims 5 toddler skills cheat, your toddler will have a long way to go before they are an adult. Your Sims 5 Toddler skills can be trained of course, but they also have to learn and adapt to life as they get older, just like toddlers have to do in real life. The Sims 5 is a life simulator after all!

Use the toddler cheats Sims 5 to create a super toddler, one that can grow into adulthood with all of the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in the world of business, art, or whatever path you happened to choose for your baby. Setting them up for success at an early age will make them powerful, and perhaps even a pillar of your Sims’ town. Imagine raising a little politician that will make unite all of the Sims in your town using the skills they were given as a Toddler!

With the right Sims 5 toddler skill cheat, the possibilities for your little bundle of joy are endless. Take the time to go over all of the cheats we have available for you, and make a note of them so you can add them to your game for an unparalleled The Sims experience. Remember, in order to apply the cheats in the first place, you need to enable the cheat console on both PC and console.

Once you have the cheat console available to you, you can input all of the cheats that you copied down from our site, and get to work on playing the greatest game of The Sims 5 that you possibly can! No waiting or grinding out skill points needed.

Sims 5 Toddler Skills Cheats

These will make it so you can easily set whatever skill level you want for your toddlers.

Type these exactly, where # is a value 1-5.

Communication – stats.set_skill_level statistic_skill_toddler_communication #

Imagination – stats.set_skill_level statistic_skill_toddler_imagination #

Movement – stats.set_skill_level statistic_skill_toddler_movement #

Potty – stats.set_skill_level statistic_skill_toddler_potty #

Thinking – stats.set_skill_level statistic_skill_toddler_thinking #

Sims 5 Toddler Needs Cheats

For these, you’ll be able to make your toddlers instantly happy and alter their need bars.

Attention – fillmotive motive_attention

Bladder – fillmotive motive_bladder

Energy – fillmotive motive_energy

Fun – fillmotive motive_fun

Hunger – fillmotive motive_hunger

Hygiene – fillmotive motive_hygiene

All Needs – sims.fill_all_commodities

Sims 5 Toddler Moods & Buffs Cheats

Meanwhile, these Sims 5 toddler cheats will give them different moods on a whim.

Energized – sims.add_buff EnergizedHigh

Playful – sims.add_buff PlayfulHigh

Remove Buffs – sims.remove_all_buffs

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