The Sims 5 Beta Version World Map Revealed

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The Sims 5 Beta Version World Map Revealed

For the past few months, glimpses of the French-inspired world of Project Rene’s playtests and initial reveals have been circulating. Yet, the full extent of this world remained unseen until now.

The early exploration phase of The Sims 5 World Map highlights a densely populated area filled with numerous district zones, a river bisecting the new city, and residential areas with unpopulated apartments and houses still under development.

Dataminer DzXAnt22 recently exposed the World Map used for playtesting. Their findings show the area marked in red as the section we’ve previously seen from Project Rene leaks and reports. Regions outside the red zone remain non-playable and unexplored.

This map was extracted from the recent Project Rene Playtest build. The red-marked area denotes the playable region during the test. There are also side-by-side comparisons of this map and certain in-game screenshots confirming its accuracy. The design appears to be Paris-inspired, based on actual real-life photo references found within the game files.

To give a sense of scale, the original poster (OP) shared additional images comparing the known red playable area to its in-game appearance.

From the current build I have, several indicators suggest that The Sims 5 could potentially be an open-world game similar to The Sims 3:

  • Project Rene employs asset streaming and levels of detail (LODs) for smooth performance, maintaining approximately 30fps even when fully zoomed out on a Galaxy S9.
  • There’s no “travel” UI icon or any similar features in the game files.
  • No string references indicate “traveling” to other lots or locations.

Remember, this build is over a year old, and many aspects may have evolved since then. Nonetheless, there’s strong belief that The Sims 5 could emerge as a full open-world game.

Despite this, it’s important to approach these playtest insights with caution, as the full potential of Project Rene has yet to be realized. Just as The Sims 4’s initial promises evolved post-launch, so too could the features of The Sims 5.

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