Leaked Details Unveil Vast Open World in The Sims 5

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Leaked Details Unveil Vast Open World in The Sims 5

A potential leak of The Sims 5’s full map has surfaced online, hinting at an expansive open world. Shared by an anonymous Reddit user, the leak claims to have datamined the game’s complete map from a recent playtest version. Accompanied by an image purported to be the game’s map, the authenticity remains uncertain, though the quality suggests it’s more than just a simple fake. However, without official validation, skepticism is advised.

The leaked information includes details about a red-marked area, purportedly the section available during the playtest, which the leaker suggests mirrors Paris in its design. While the leaker didn’t explicitly describe the game as open-world, the map’s size and layout imply a significant departure from the scale of previous entries in the series.

The Reddit post states, “Project Rene [The Sims 5] is being developed by Maxis. This map was datamined from the recent Project Rene Playtest build. The red area marks the playtest’s playable region. There are also in-game screenshots that align with this map, further suggesting it’s based on Paris, supported by real-life photo references found in the game files.”

While we’re unable to display the map directly, it’s accessible online for those curious. As of now, Maxis and EA haven’t addressed the leak or the speculation surrounding it, and it remains to be seen if they will. We’ll keep you updated on any developments. Meanwhile, we welcome your thoughts and discussions on this intriguing leak.

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